Do I pick up the beef or do you deliver?

We offer three options to get you your beef:

1) You may pick up the beef from our specialty processor, Prairie Meats in Coaldale, AB, about 10 minutes east of Lethbridge or 1.5 hours south of Calgary. Call them at (403) 345-2190 for hours and directions.

2) You may pick up your beef from our partners at Trail’s End Beef at their ranch 10 minutes south of Nanton. This is a great chance to see a working ranch, let the kids play in the barnyard, see grassfed beef and hens in the pasture, and meet the Herbert family, who run their small, family-ranch and handle freezer beef orders for the A7 Ranche.

3) For your convenience you may have your beef delivered to a central point in Calgary on a pre-arranged pick up day.

All beef comes neatly wrapped, frozen, boxed and labelled.

Payment is due prior to pick-up. You will be notified with an email invoice for your beef. The butcher will contact you for payment by phone.


 Do you ship outside of Alberta?

Sorry, but A7 beef is produced exclusively by Albertans, for Albertans. Why? We can only sell within Alberta since our processor is provincially licensed and our beef is provincially inspected. We are proud to be local to southern Alberta and conveniently located for customers in Calgary, Lethbridge and area. We suggest you hunt for a local rancher in your area and support their efforts to raise sustainable, grassfed, grass-finished beef.

How do I order A7 beef?

Just phone Rachel Herbert at Trail’s End Beef on 403 646-2550 or email tylerandrachel@trailsendbeef.com. A $200 deposit holds your order. Please return your order form with the deposit.

Ongoing for 2016, we have teamed up with our friends and neighbours at Trail’s End Beef to better serve your needs. We can focus on raising great beef, while they grow their grass-based herd and focus on customer service. To learn more about them visit www.trailsendbeef.com

Also note that since our beef is truly grassfed and grass-finished, it is seasonal, we butcher between July and October. You can order in late-winter. Supply is limited, order early so you don’t miss out!



How many pounds of meat is half a beef?

It depends on the weight of the cow and how you have had it cut, (de-boning the steaks makes for greater weight loss, for example). Our beef range from 275-350 pounds wet hanging weight per half. Shrinkage on an average carcass is 60-65%, yielding approximately 180 lbs of meat for a half.  The shrinkage changes  depending on how you like it cut (amount of fat and bone in the cut). Choosing New York Strip steaks instead of T-Bone steaks, for example, will reduce the total weight, but not the total amount of meat. Make sure to take advantage of all the nutritious and tasty “extras”- heart, tongue, kidney, liver, suet, and soup bones -these are not weighed as part of the carcass weight.


Can I buy smaller amounts than half a beef?

YES. We are now offering quarters. Ordering a semi-custom quarter of beef is the perfect option for getting your grass-finished beef in a manageable size. We offer two different cutting options: The Butcher’s Balance is a traditional mix of roasts, steaks and ground; The BBQ Bounty has fewer roasts and an abundance of steaks and ground.


Is the beef available year round or is it seasonal?

Our beef is local and natural and finished on GRASS, and therefore seasonal. You can order anytime of the year, but the beef is only butchered from June to late-October, while quantities last. Why? Because our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished, nature’s way. Only in summer is the grass lush enough to “finish” (fatten) a cow nicely without resorting to feeding grain. We advise you to place your order early to reserve your freezer beef. True grass-finished is seasonal, which is why we sell in bulk. To ensure a year- round supply of grassfed beef in Alberta, you need to make a purchase large enough to last the year.

Some select cuts are carried over throughout the year. Supply is limited and variable. Email for current inventory.


How long does the beef last in the freezer?

At typical deep freeze temperatures of -18, the beef will last 12 months or more. The beef comes professionally wrapped in brown butcher paper, which ensures better storage than vacuum seal bags which can release and allow the meat to freezer burn.  We once dug out a 3 year old Blade Roast from the bottom of our family’s deep freeze. It was perfect, just a tiny bit of frost on one corner.


How much freezer space does a bulk order of beef take up?

A typical Side – again, this depends on the individual animal – would be around 8 cubic feet. It comes in approximately 6-8 butcher boxes of finished product. A typical Quarter would be about 4 cubic feet, about 3-4 butcher boxes of finished product.


Can I split an order with someone?

Absolutely – many of our customers just find a friend, neighbor or colleague to split a Side or Whole beef. Your order is custom cut. Please let the butcher know that you will be sharing the beef and they will advise you of the best options. A Side or Whole splits down easily to divide steaks, hamburger and roasts between two parties. The beef will come separated and labelled with your names. We ask that one “point person” handles the order and cutting decisions, and that we receive one payment.

If you choose to share a Quarter of beef it will come as one order and you get to divide the beef among your group.  A Quarter will likely not split perfectly into equal parts so we let you make the decisions, but we are happy to advise you on the value of the cuts if you would like assistance.


I’d love some A7 beef but I don’t have a big enough freezer. Help!

If you want to get a bigger freezer, Trail Appliances has offered an exclusive deal for A7 Ranche customers to buy a freezer. For a 7% discount, phone Cliff Johnson (403 342-0900) of Trail Appliances Calgary, quoting the A7 Ranche discount of 7%.



Do I need to know anything about beef cutting to order my custom cut half?

No, you don’t need to have any special knowledge at all. Our processor, Prairie Meats, is very good at finding out what you want just by asking a few simple questions – like how big you want your roasts, how many steaks per package, and how many pounds of hamburger per package. They will talk you through the process to ensure that you get the most value and enjoyment out of your beef.


Can I request more or less of certain cuts, like more ground beef?

Yes, when you order a Side/Half or Whole beef you choose how the beef is cut.  You can have your meat cut to suit the kind of cooking you like – for example, large or small steaks, bone left in or taken out, more roasts versus more steaks, stew meat or kabobs, more ground beef or maybe some hamburger patties or sausage. Our Quarters are semi-custom. You choose from two options with lots of variety and the butcher’s expertise to make the best use of the meat.


What kind of wildlife do you have on the A7 Ranche?

On the A7, we co-exist with pretty much every kind of wild animal native to the foothills: grizzlies and black bears, cougars and wolves, ungulates like moose, elk, mule and white-tailed deer; predatory birds like golden and bald eagles and hawks, waterfowl like geese and pelicans, songbirds, and an abundance of small mammals, like skunks, coyotes, gophers, muskrat and beaver. Check out our photo gallery!


Where is the A7 Ranche?

The A7 Ranche is a 13,000 acre ranch in the Porcupine Hills southwest of Nanton, Alberta, Canada. The Porcupine Hills are a part of the famous eastern slopes foothills of the Canadian Rockies. The eastern slopes are a critical ecosystem for North America since these large grasslands capture, filter, store and release the source water for Western Canada all the way to the Hudson’s Bay.