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  • A7 grassfed beef costs $4.75/lb dressed weight (after the animal is slaughtered).  Additionally, you pay the butchering fees.
  •  All A7 beef is processed by Prairie Meats.  They are a small artisan butcher shop and provide excellent customer service. Quarters are semi-custom cut. Sides and Wholes are custom cut. This means the butcher follows your instructions so you get  the cuts that are just right for you. It is a simple process and they guide you every step of the way. For more butchering information contact them at (403)345-2190.
  • For Quarters the ranch processing fee is $15. The Butchering, Cutting and Wrapping fees are $1.10/lb wet hanging weight.  These fees are included in your bill from the ranch.
  • For Half and Whole Beef Butchering, Cutting and Wrapping fees are simplified to $1.10/lb. Additional charges apply for: offal processing; sausages, patties, jerky etc. Patties, jerky and sausage are an extra cost to be paid to Prairie Meats, and available on half or whole orders. These fees are payable directly to the butcher.
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Please note that all A7 Ranche Beef sales are handled through our friends at nearby Trail’s End Beef. The ordering process is identical for both ranches.  ORDER ONLINE THROUGH TRAIL’S END BEEF

Clean beef for your family’s health

  • Chemical free – A7 Ranche beef is guaranteed free of chemicals, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Our land has not been sprayed for 14 years – well above the certified organic threshold of three years.
  • Healthier – Since cattle are naturally grazing animals, they are grass-fed instead of grain-fed, the way nature intended. Grass-fed beef is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and Vitamin A (beta carotene), lower in fat and calories. Emerging research is showing that these nutrients help support the immune system and protect against life threatening conditions and diseases like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Grass-fed is talked about! – A great bedside read is New York Times bestselling book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by author Michael Pollan. Also check out a March 2009 article in Prevention magazine on why grass-fed beef is even better than organic.

A world-class taste experience

  • That grass-fed bouquet – A7 Ranche beef has that unparalleled grass-fed flavour, coming from the specific wild native grasses our cattle graze.
  • Young and tender – our animals are slaughtered at two years old; tender, but also old enough to have enough time on grass to be “finished” (fattened) properly for the best eating.
  • Dry aged for flavour intensity – our beef is dry aged, the old fashioned way (hung for 21 days instead of 24 hours, to intensify flavour).
  • Custom cut for your needs. Half and whole orders are cut so you get exactly what you need for your lifestyle – like roasts sized to fit your family or special event, quick BBQ meals, hamburger patties, steaks cut to order and so on. You don’t need to know anything about cutting beef; our processor will easily walk you through it. Quarters come in two semi-custom options– traditional and tailored for the BBQ.

“Wow! I haven’t had a steak that tasted like that since Le Biftheque [the famous beef restaurant] in Montreal in the 1980s.” – Alan Gardner, 2008 Calgary customer.

Excellent value for money

  • buying direct from a farmer or rancher cuts out the middleman – better for you, and better for us.
  • buying in bulk saves you money from the economy of scale.

Improved animal welfare standards

  • Low-stress livestock handling – Cow whispering! This means no electric cattle prods, shouting or chasing. Our cowboys are trained annually in low-stress livestock handling techniques. These slow, calm cattle drives keep mother cow and calf together and relaxed.
  • Local and humane slaughter –we use a local processor (slaughterhouse) to minimize transport time and stress on our cattle. The butcher and his highly trained staff handle our cattle quietly and humanely.
  • Herd health – We take pride in having an exceptionally healthy herd. On the rare occasion an animal requires antibiotic treatment, it is marked as treated and removed from our beef direct sales stream.


Just phone Rachel Herbert at 403 601-5467 or email  All sales are handled by our friends at Trail’s End Beef.  Beef pickup is at Trail’s End near Nanton, AB, or from Prairie Meats in Coaldale, AB. Or your order is delivered to a central pick-up location in Calgary.

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