Animal Welfare

On the A7 Ranche, we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare. As of 2015 we are certified for the best possible standards of care for our land and animals by the organization, Animal Welfare Approved. To review their standards please visit Animal Welfare Approved.

grassfed certified by AWAanimal welfare approved logo

Happy and healthy living conditions


This is achieved by simply allowing the cattle to do what is instinctive and natural to them. They live full-time (not just “access to”) in the fresh air and sunshine. They graze high-quality grass which means, Our cattle have the chance to socialize, exercise and eat food that is natural to their digestive systems. It’s a pretty good life for a cow. We take pride in having an exceptionally healthy herd. Rarely, when an animal does require antibiotic treatment (usually less than one per cent of our herd), it is marked as treated and removed from our beef direct program.

Cow whispering!

Every year, our cowboys are trained in low stress livestock handling techniques. This means using body language and subtle positioning (e.g. flight zones) to communicate with the cow to move or handle her. No electric prods, shouting or chasing. Instead we strive for slow, quiet cattle moves from field to field that keep mother cow and calf together and relaxed.

Local, humane slaughter

flowers_cattleOur direct beef sales cattle are slaughtered at Prairie Meats, a small artisan processor (slaughterhouse) in Coaldale, AB. We bring our cows in small groups, never singles, because they are herd animals, and they are slaughtered within two hours of arrival. Our processor shares our same values of low-stress handling and animal welfare. They are certified for the highest possible industry standards by the organization, Animal Welfare Approved.